This tutorial shows you how to use the Case transform in SAP BO Data Services.


  • Open Data services
  • create a new job and name it “Case “
  • Create a new dataflow – drag & drop from the menu on the right.
  • Add the table from Datastore as Source
  • Add a query item using drag & drop from the menu on the right
  • Add a Case Transform using drag & drop from Transformations tab ->Platform ->Case
  • Join Source table to Query & Query to Case transform
  • In the Query Transform drag and drop the required columns
  • In the Case transform Add the case scenarios , In this example we want the data to be stored in different tables as per the state column values (Active & Create)
  • Click on Add to add a Expression , Drag the state comun to the Case window & add two expressions for each state column value .
  • Add two template as Destination , using drag & drop from right.
  • Connect the Case transform to ech of the template tables and select the respective expression .
  • Open each template table and select “Delete Data before loading” in order to do a truncate & load each time
  • Run the job, view the output to confirm