Every business needs to be linked to every “thing” in the business network. This network includes business systems and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices. That is why SAP data services features roadmaps – guides that explain the future direction that should be taken for business processes.

Accessing Big Data

SAP offers flexible applications, connectivity, and big data organization to enable models and processes for new business as well as new working environments. The current services product roadmap featured by SAP makes it possible to access Big Data anywhere at any time. This is accomplished by:

  • Cloud database and cloud storage devices integration
  • SAP data services on the cloud
  • Hadoop
  • Performance optimization
  • Enhanced security features
  • SAP data quality management
  • SAP integration for Big Data analysis

Q4 Amenities

The updated Q4 roadmap eases routing and enhances the anonymization of information. It also offers the following amenities:

  • DevOps integration
  • Microscopic data governance
  • Improved lifecycle management
  • Big data enhancements, such as Apache Knox gateway and Ranger security
  • A self-guided user interface
  • An integration strategy for Big Data

Roadmap Categories

In turn, IT users can easily transform, enhance and deliver accurate information to support analytical or operational information-driven initiatives. For example, you can access the Q4 roadmap for the following categories:

  • Analytics
  • Application integration and infrastructure, including process orchestration
  • Big Data, including the SAP Data Hub
  • Data warehousing
  • Sap cloud platform identity authentication
  • SAP HANA platform and databases, such as SAP IQ

Industries Using SAP Products

Industries that use SAP roadmaps and products for guidance include the following:

  • Energy and natural resources, including oil and gas, mining, chemicals, and utilities
  • Discrete industries, such as aerospace and defense and high-tech
  • Financial services (banking and insurance)
  • Service industries, such as sports and entertainment, engineering and construction, and telecommunications
  • Consumer Industries, including retail and wholesale businesses
  • Public services, such as healthcare and security and defense

The future Q4 SAP roadmap is designed to offer continued innovation of data services – services that are the cornerstone of SAP. Smart UX and landscape management lend easier access to Big Data while integration with analytics gives businesses the edge they need to prosper and grow.

Image Credit: Kevin Bhagat