Businesses can thrive today, thanks to software applications like Informatica Data Quality (IDQ). This complete software solution offers end-to-end support for a company’s ever-growing informational requirements. “Quality” is the byword that comes to mind when you are using this resource technology.

Integrate Employee Tasks

With IDQ, you can quickly formulate business rules on an integrated platform. Conveniently include exceptions for fast resolutions and integrate employee tasks into the current project work. The simple Informatica Analyst Tool is designed to replicate phases of data workflow, as it features a customizable user interface.

The rule builder feature of IDQ permits managers to build and evaluate business guidelines without dependence on information technology. Exception data handling allows users to add tasks into the project workflow, permitting the assessment, correction, and automated approval of exceptions.

The platform also permits you to review the nature of your data and identify associations between various data objects. Delivery of high-quality information is assured through the software’s data standardization, confirmation, de-duplication, and consolidation processes. IDQ also enables users to easily collaborate with business stakeholders and IT.

The Advantages of Using IDQ

You can narrow down the advantages of using IDQ to the following capabilities:

  • Cost-effectively track and cleanse data.
  • Allow IT and business input in data governance.
  • Realize better business results and optimize the return on data.

Sourcing and fixing quality data issues can mean the difference between failing and succeeding as a business. If quality issues are not addressed, mistakes in information can cost a business millions of dollars, exposing a company to unnecessary risks. To fix quality issues, businesses should make sure that the geography, applications, and domains of a system are all considered when sourcing and gathering information.

IDQ enables you to approach the management of data holistically. Therefore, the software converts information quality processes so they become an integrative process between IT and business.

Make Better Business Decisions

By using the software, you are able to produce a data-driven atmosphere that supports better decision-making, regardless of the size of data, platform, or format. Authoritative and trusted data is delivered to all business stakeholders, business applications, and projects in one of three ways – on-site, in Hadoop, or in the cloud.

Informatica, itself, is a leading software provider that is concentrated on delivering products that transform information so businesses operate more efficiently. If you want to achieve better business results and realize better outcomes, such as increased sales, cost reductions, and lower risks, you need to include IDQ in your company’s operations.


Image Credit: Carlos Muza