Visual recognition algorithms are often restricted to barcode scanners or limited in their usage. We offer an API that can recognize images from a database, live from a video feed or image.

This can be used in several situations:

  • when barcode is used as a checkout mechanism, the similarity finder can be used to confirm this is the actual checkout object.
  • comparing an image sent from an app to give the name of a certain car type, wine, art object or furniture. We can combine our text recognition API to extract details that the object itself does not give away.
  • security cameras can detect whenever a person is in the line of sight and send out an alert.

The API can name the manufacturer and model of this car within a second.

A cab-sauv or merlot? We can combine the recognition API with text recognition, so it can feed back all there is to know about these wines.


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The target group for this application is broad: everything from small startups to large enterprises. The API can be an essential part of your core service or application, or a simple efficiency enhancer. Our solution can be adjusted for a large amount of usages. Challenge us!

Contact us to get more information. We can give you a free demo, and run an analysis on the possible benefits for your business case. We can also assist if you require a similar optimization API or service.