This API was made to improve online car marketplaces. The goal is to improve the customer experience, increase sales and improve privacy protection.
When looking at several online trading platform websites, we concluded that:

  • the prosess of creating an advertisement for car sales can be improved by automatically recognizing the car registration from the images. As an image already has to be uploaded, the registration plate can be automatically extracted. This will also reduce human-error.
  • privacy is an increasing concern for car owners. By puting an advertisement online, that information is searchable, connecting the registration plate and car to a specific person and address. This can be prevented by blurring the license plate in the image, and removing all references to the license plate from the advertisement.
  • for platforms where the registration plate is an optional field, some car advertisements miss very basic information. This reduces the chances of a sale. The registration plate number is missing, but can in most cases be extracted from the image.

Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Blurring



In several simulations, combined with real-life testing, we observed:

  • data quality improvement of around 4% of car advertisements, this mostly applies for advertisements where the license plate is an optional field.
  • creating advertisement will be 10% faster and less error prone.
  • 100% privacy safe car advertisements. Cars won’t be traceable to an exact address before the actual purchase, reducing the risk of theft.

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The target group for this application are online (car) marketplaces. Our solution can also be adjusted for other image / text recognition purposes, such as security and monitoring.

Contact us to get more information. We can give you a free demo, and run an analysis on the possible benefits for your business case. We can also assist if you require a similar optimization API or service.