This tutorial shows you how to use the date generation function in SAP BO Data Services.


  • Open Data services
  • Create a new job
  • Create a new dataflow – drag & drop from the menu on the right
  • Add Data generation Transformation from the Transformations tab as source
  • Add a query item using drag & drop from the menu on the right
  • Add a template table as a destination
  • connect the date generation to the query object, connect the query object to the Template table .
  • Open Data generation and select the start and end date for which the data is required .
  • Open Query Object , Select the Output window right click and selct new Output column .
  • Define the column name , Select Functions from the bottom pane .
  • Select Date Funtion from the left pane and week in year from right window .
  • In new window select the input date as the column name from the date generation transform .
  • Similiarly we can create columns to get quater numebers .
  • Run the job, view the output to confirm